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About Ft. Bend County

Fort Bend County has consistently been nationally ranked for its distinction in key areas, including economic strength, diversity, safety, quality-of-life and future growth expectations.  For over 15 years, Fort Bend County has been named in the top 20 counties in the United States for economic excellence and population growth. 


Fort Bend County is located in the Houston metropolitan area of southeast Texas.  It encompasses 879 square miles.  Located 20 miles from Downtown Houston CBD and 15 miles from Uptown Houston CBD, Fort Bend County offers access and proximity to business opportunities generated within the nation’s fourth-largest city. 


Transportation facilities in Fort Bend County include the Southern Pacific and the Santa Fe railroad systems, two commercial lines of motor-freight services and two airports for private and commercial aircraft.  Major highways are US 59, which joins US Highway 90 Alternate in the county and runs northeast to southwest; Interstate 10, an east-west route through Katy; State Highway 6, a north-south route through Sugar Land; and State Highway 36, a north-south route through Rosenberg.


Fort Bend’s location is strongly integrated within Greater Houston’s existing centers for trade and commerce.  Over years of record-setting growth, Fort Bend has emerged into an urban center—a defined trade market itself—for business and industry. 


Excellent schools, affordable housing and extensive recreational facilities have attracted families with impressive demographic profiles.  The result is a diverse employment base with the highest educational attainment levels in the region.


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