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Dedicated to improving the practice of commercial real estate in Fort Bend County the Fort Bend Society of Commercial Realtors raises the level of professionalism by creating a community of committed practitioners.


This success is achieved through hosting quality speaker events, promoting excellence in county-wide developments and supporting county projects that enhance quality of life.


Our community of committed practitioners is a diversity membership that fosters an atmosphere of creative ideas and innovative solutions to common business problems. In addition to real estate brokers and associates, our membership consists of lenders, title companies, developers and other business partners with a common goal – serve Fort Bend County.


Monthly keynote speaker meetings and events accomplish our goal to keep members apprised of the latest real estate market activity, business strategy, and legislation. In turn, our members apply these topics to their own businesses, thereby raising the standard of industry practices and professionalism.


Maintaining excellence in commercial real estate developments can present challenges in any region, county or city.  The Fort Bend Society of Commercial Realtors takes specific interest in promoting responsible, well planned growth in development projects.


Regularly we dedicate resources to add value back to others.  Giving back is important and one of our key goals is to support community involvement in local charitable organizations that benefit Fort Bend County.  This practice of service makes our organization unique. 

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